The NonProfit has acquired a 45,000 square foot building and campus located on the old “Historic US99”, less than a mile from the original Burge’s Drive In, the legendary turn around point in the Modesto Cruise Route in the late 50s and early 60s. The Graffiti USA Museum will showcase a vintage exterior, complete with an operating replica classic diner, inviting visitors inside for the immersive Graffiti USA experience, taking the visitor back in time to 1962, bringing the nights of the cruise to life.

buy gabapentin in uk The Graffiti USA Museum will update exhibits regularly, with new seasonal offerings and donated collections.

Peterhof The Museum hopes to feature:
· Classic Car Museum
· Replica street scenes of 10th and 11th St
· Drive In showing American Graffiti
· Modesto Radio History Exhibit
· Classic Radio Station
· Modesto Convention and Visitor’s Bureau
· Operating Classic Diner
· Special storefronts for Modesto Police and Fire
· Gift Shop and Art Gallery
· Rotating car collections
· Tribute to Rockabilly Music
· American Graffiti Memorabilia
· Legends of the Cruise Exhibit
· Operating custom car shop
· Event space available to rent
· Interactive education center
· Lucas career history exhibit

How it will change Modesto
Many people come to Modesto now to catch a glimpse of our classic car culture, but there are few places that showcase. The Graffiti USA Experience will capture our share of the growing global entertainment and film tourism industry and expose and enlighten visitors to Modesto’s amazing Graffiti History and it’s place in pop culture. The Graffiti USA Experience will create new Modesto evangelists and change the perception of civic pride, but celebrating the authentic stories of our people, places and events. #modestousa #homeofamericangraffiti

What is happening now
Phase 1
5,000 square ft

Graffiti USA Welcome Center
Plans are to build a Graffiti USA Welcome Center, creating a reception lobby showcasing the plan, explaining key exhibits, and providing a venue for education that draws potential donors as well as visitors. This phase includes a new diner facade, a show room and gift shop.

Phase 2
15,000 square ft
10th and 11th St Downtown Experience

This phase will include a Modesto radio history exhibit, functioning diner, police, fire and retail facades. A Walk Of Fame featuring a Legends of the Cruise exhibit and Classic Car exhibits.

Phase 3
20,000 square ft
The Modesto and Classic Car Experience

The Modesto Classic Car Experience, a classic car restoration garage and interactive educational center, event and meeting space, a performance stage, a banqueting space seating 700, replica drive-in theatre space and additional exhibits.

• Initial work will be done by the Board of Directors and divided into committees: Operations, Marketing, Finance and Design. Medium term, we will need only 2 employees. 1) Executive Director and 2) Finance
• Executive director – Founding Executive Director – Cecil Russell
• Need for organization, project management, grant writing, promotion and sponsorship solicitation
• Need to hire permanent Executive Director when financially feasible.
• Volunteer board to operate until financially feasible to hire director.
• We will need someone that is responsible for fundraising, corporate partnerships, sustaining grants and more.
• Develop network of volunteer docents, Class of 46-65.

Potential Partnerships
Modesto New Car Dealerships –

This is key to help reorganize. This group is mission critical in that the co-marketing opportunities to have a kiosk promoting the Graffiti Museum on a daily basis.

National Car Companies-
Grants from the leading car companies should be written with the assistance of the local brand dealerships

Insurance Companies –
Every company that sells auto insurance should be approached.

MJC Foundation –
Engage our local educational organizations and foundations to develop educational and interactive instruction area and provide a field trip experience and other educational and curriculum programs. 

The Graffiti USA Museum will also work with a partnership of the Modesto Radio History Museum to create an interactive experience  

You can help the Graffiti USA Classic Car Museum come to life: