Graffiti Summer is Coming !

Here in Modesto USA, it is Graffiti Summer all year long.
Welcome to the Graffiti USA Museum, the home of all things classic cars and Modesto history, celebrating our culture and our place in the world from American Graffiti. We are proud to be the home of legendary film maker George Lucas and honored that Modesto was the setting for his first breakthrough film.
There are great places to visit, festivals in the summer, a Historic Cruise Route Walk, a Legends of the Cruise Walk of fame and so much more. Walking in Downtown Modesto, you will find a vintage 1934 movie theatre, the Gallo Center for the Arts, the Brenden Multiplex Theatre, great restaurants and bars, many offering live music.
Welcome to Modesto USA and you can learn more about the museum and donate at If you are interested in purchasing or selling a classic car, please visit
Thanks Chris Murphy Board of Directors Graffiti USA Museum