KFRC Sturgeon in Modesto USA

AM Radio is Live at Graffiti USA!
The 610 KFRC Mobile Studio, “The Sturgeon” comes to Modesto on 6-10 Growing up in Modesto, the “other” AM radio station we listened to most in the 60s, 70s & 80s was 610 KFRC from San Francisco with Dr. Don Rose, Bobby Ocean and more! The KFRC Sturgeon was a mobile broadcasting studio, launched on November 1, 1980 for the KFRC Holiday Food Fair at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds. The Sturgeon became a Northern California Radio landmark broadcasting from hundreds of locations including the beaches of Santa Cruz, The Golden Gate Bridge, Cal Expo California’s State Fair, The USS Coral Sea, Cesar’s Lake Tahoe and all points in between including Dr. Don’s Rose live broadcast from just up the street in Stockton, CA in 1983.
In 1982 The Sturgeon under the direction of Chief Engineer Phil Lerza did the first live moving broadcast as the Disc Jockey performed regular programing all from the Sturgeon driving all over the Bay Area sending the signal from the Sturgeon Marti to an airplane flying overhead then sending the signal back to the radio station.
As KFRC Became Magic 61, Radio Show Host Larry King was picked up at SFO in the Sturgeon and did his Nationally Syndicated radio show from the Sturgeon driving up and down the street of San Francisco.
The Sturgeon was retired in 2005, but in 2014, KFRC Staffer Bill Shakespeare located the Sturgeon and drove the abandoned Coach home to Reno for restoration. Keeping the Sturgeon in the KFRC family, Shakespeare passed the Northern California blow-torch miracle on wheels over to KFRC alumni Staffer Chris Sharp.
The Sturgeon is now a Radio Museum on wheels traveling to car shows around northern California and a regular favorite at Reno’s Hot August Nights featuring the KFRC airchecks of the Best Music and sounds of KFRC.
The Modesto 2022 KFRC Day Live Broadcast on Boss Boss Radio and That 70’s Channel will be the first LIVE Radio Broadcast in the Sturgeon since KUSP Santa Cruz’s 2008 Monterey Jazz Festival Broadcast. Come on down to Downtown Modesto and see the 610 KFRC Sturgeon at the Graffiti Museum and during the Cruise Parade near the State Theatre.
Broadcasting Live from the Graffiti USA Museum from 7- 10 am Friday 6-10 610 on 610 at 610 !