buy modafinil glasgow A group of local business leaders and dedicated supporters of our Graffiti heritage have been working hard to establish a Graffiti USA Classic Car Museum and family friendly experience in Modesto, California, U.S.A.

The NonProfit has acquired a 45,000 square foot building and campus located on the old “Historic US99, less than a mile from the original Burge’s Drive In, the legendary turn around point in the Modesto Cruise Route in the late 50s and early 60s. The Graffiti USA Museum will showcase a vintage exterior, complete with an operating replica classic diner, inviting visitors inside for the immersive Graffiti USA experience, taking the visitor back in time to 1962, bringing the nights of the cruise to life.

Nuevo México MODESTO USA is already an entertainment destination where each June American Graffiti ‘s history is celebrated on a grand scale. Anchored by the North Modesto Kiwanis, Graffiti festivities that include numerous car shows, concerts and gatherings. Information about American Graffiti and George Lucas is the number one request from people who contact the Modesto Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The GRAFFITI USA MUSEUM will be the heartbeat of visitors experience, generating new and exciting tourism to our region.

The GRAFFITI USA MUSEUM is sure to attract people from all over the world, generating a substantial increase in travel and tourism revenue to Modesto and the surrounding area. The museum will offer educational opportunities for visitors and locals of all ages, with an ongoing rotation of exhibits and an exciting schedule of events.

The Museum store is open with gifts, T-shirts, postcards, coffee cups and so much more. The 1st Phase of the Museum is open to visitors and you can see what we are building with guided tours.

Operating hours are Friday and Saturdays 10 am – 4 pm and other times by appointment.

610 N 9th St
Modesto, Ca 95350

You can help the Graffiti USA Classic Car Museum come to life: info@graffitiusamuseum.com