Graffiti USA Classic Car Museum
Modesto, California USA is the home of American Graffiti, the award winning film by George Lucas. The film is known around the world and it is a positive part of Modesto’s history. The culture of Modesto USA still represents the small town charm, but with the benefits of being a larger city. Our “classic car culture” currently draws visitors from around the world, especially during the annual Graffiti Summer.

Modesto USA has developed some tourist locations, but lacks a showcase museum, that captures and celebrates the spirit of American Graffiti. A new non-profit has been created to design and develop the year-round Graffiti USA Classic Car Museum and Experience that will attract visitors from near and far away. The Graffiti USA Museum will be the cultural center for our classic cars, our rock and roll history, and will tell the stories that inspired Modesto native George Lucas to make his landmark film that paved the way for his future creations like Star Wars.

Mission Statement
Our Mission is to grow the attraction of Modesto as a destination for events, entertainment, vacations, and tours while capitalizing on the nostalgia and Modesto’s cultural history celebrating Modesto’s love affair with the automobile.

Our Vision
Our Vision is a thriving Graffiti USA Classic Car Museum that brings people, revenue, events, students and business to downtown Modesto. We see a healthy and thriving tourism attraction for Modesto all year long based on Modesto’s authentic classic car history, people and events. The Museum will create an immersive experience, taking the visitor back to the days of the cruise, with replica store fronts and murals of the Graffiti Era, that will be the backdrop to the cars and memorabilia on display.

Our museum committee is made up of 22 local residents who are passionate about the establishment of a car museum in Modesto. They are giving their time, treasure, knowledge and support to make our Graffiti USA history come to life in this amazing experience museum.  
John Sanders, Chairman.  Retired businessman
Brent Burnside, Vice Chairman.  Owner of Burnside Auto Body Shop
Michael Johnson, Secretary/Treasurer.  Retired school teacher
Doug Ridenhour, Modesto City Council.  Retired Modesto Police Officer
Cecil Russell, Past CEO, Modesto Chamber of Commerce
Richard Jantz, Retired Stanislaus County official
Chris Murphy, Co-Owner, Sierra Pacific Warehouse Group, publisher of Modesto View
Denis Wilson, civil engineer and car guy
Brad Hawn, car guy, structural engineer
Don Wood, automobile appraiser
Peter Hischier, long time car guy
Jim DiMartini, Stanislaus County Supervisor and car collector
Brian Gini, owner of Collins Electrical Contractors
Ted Brandvold, Mayor of Modesto, commercial architect
Dave Gianelli, attorney
Jerry Sauls, owner, Wille Printing Co. and a car guy
Craig Lewis, real estate professional
Tom Watling, vintage car dealer
Joe Pope, former General Motors Car dealer
Bob Rose, Vintage car memorabilia restorer
Ron Pippin, retired businessman, car guy
Ken White, author of Modesto History books

Graffiti USA Museum mailing address:
3731 Finch Rd. 
Modesto, Ca 95357 

Donation Phone: 209-573-1765
Donation information email:  info@graffitiusamuseum.com
E-commerce email:  chrism@spwg.com